Friday, October 1, 2010

NPI Day 1 Total = 251

Hi guys,

Novel Push Initiative got off to a roaring start today.
My story is about a couple of young musicians on the rise to fame when suddenly confronted with a reality that jeopardizes their careers and even worse, their friendship.  I know it sounds a little Lifetime, but you know, my NaNoWriMo story is intense.
I need this after school special to get my mind right for the big dance!
Today = 251 Words!
Woo Hoo - Tune in tomorrow to keep up with my word count and progress.

P.S. I really miss True Blood, even though they dropped off with the faeries! LOL  Well, if you pop over to the HBO site, you'll find all sorts of cool stuff!

Have a great night, y'all!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hi Y'all!
Well, as you can see, I've been missing in action.  I've been very, very, mega busy. I am taking a couple of workshops on fiction and nonfiction, so that has really been tying me up.

I did want to update you guys on a couple of things.
The first is the Novel Push Initiative! Fantasy Novelist Nick Enlowe is hosting the 2010 NPI.  What is it you ask? A group of novelist, or anyone for that matter, are getting together to write a designated amount for the entire month of October.  Every day, I'll post my word count here, and over at Twitter.  I may even post a few excerpts from the story. 
It's a great way for the procrastinators (yours truly) to pull out those story ideas and get to work.
I personally can't wait!
The fun starts on October 1st.  You can get all the details at the link below.
I've also entered NaNoWriMo, which is entitled to its own post, just as NPI!
Take a look here and don't forget to mention how awesome, effin awesome this initiative will be!

Until next time - Friday - take care!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tasks Thursday

Hi Folks!

I woke this morning with the full intention to get some writing done, specifically the blog, early in the day after work.  Unfortunately, today was filled with obstacles and one mundane task after another.  I typically try to have as little work to complete by this late day of the week, but not this time.  I was bombarded with one item/issue/catastrophe/error/problem/concern after another. Yuck. 
With that being the case, I came in and did what any writer would do on a hectic day.... I took a full fledged nap. And I feel great, inspired, refreshed, alive. Now I can write.

True Blood Episode 29: Trouble

OK! Tara has been, for the second season in a row, turned into an absolute shrieking violet.  I am so mad that her strong willed character continues to find herself in one desperate situation after another.  And I so want to like her, but right now, I'm hoping that she actually becomes a vampire bride.  Bad, I know. Well, perhaps Were Bride since she was chased down and Debo'd by Cooter last week.
Sookie is also a little less than herself - or at least her character's full potential - as well.  The very best scene was her brush with Fae power in Alcide's living room against the vampires.  And I'm having a hard time believing in Bill, but since his trust is questionable in the book series as well, I won't - can't - complain about it.
Eric... well, he's just as sexy as ever! Nuff said.
Jason has another conquest.  She's different... I'm afraid to say what I think he'll be afflicted with, as Alan Ball, the television show screenwriter, is a tricky dude.  Let's just say, I think he'll turn out even hotter and sexier (er) than before.
In my best sing-song voice: Lafayette got a boyfriend!
That little fellow is welcome in my sandbox anytime.
Here's a quick recap to tickle your fancy.  I can't spend a whole lot of time here, as I'm reviewing The Fever Series, one book one week at a time... from the very beginning.  Take a look down there.... right after the clip!

The Fever Series - Darkfever
Author: Karen Marie Moning

I must confess. On a desperate attempt to explore new things (I stopped smoking a month ago and rumor has it, upon return of your cilia, one becomes more affected by stimuli - specifically romance and such), I tried Faeries.  We all know how sexy they are.  I usually don't, but my new, smoke free body said "C'mon... you know you want it..." And I did.  Boy, did I ever. But let me tell you about the first book.

Darkfever introduces us to our heroine - Mackayla Lane.  This girl is just about as sweet as Georgia peaches and Southern Belles can be, right down to her unadulterated love of all things pink.  Cute as a button, and simply beautiful.  She is absolutely the kind of woman that you see walking down the street and want to stone to death.  She's even twenty-two.  I'm thinking at the start, please... for the love of Monty Hall, please cut me some slack with the adult version of the Sweet Valley High 'Good' twin.  Against my better judgment, I push beyond page three. After all, she is a barmaid.  There has to be some bad ass in there.
Sooo glad that I did!
This is one of the rockin' and rollinest chick heroines that I've ever encountered.  Upon learning of her sister's death in Dublin, Ireland, she hops her happy ass - against her parent's wishes - on the first plane smoking.  Immediately, just about, she begins seeing things that are simply fascinating and terrifying. Namely the Fae in their 'Unseelie' form, despite their glamour spells on their innocent victims and the rest of humanity.  I'm thinking - freak yea - I don't have to wait to get into the good stuff.
In her quest to find her sister's killer, she finds her entire world was merely a pampered facade of real life, which turns out to be literally brimming with mystical creatures and fanciful weapons, and Death-by-Sex faerie.
Not to mention, her reluctant savior in Barrons.  He is one of the most unscrupulous men that I've encountered in a book in a very long time... I would definitely run off with him into the Casbah!  Yum-My!
I am so glad that I tried this book.  I heard some folks on Twitter asking about reviews of older books, well, here you go! One hot little oldie but goody!

It is the very best series I've started in a great while. Overall score 8.5/10 stars!

Darkfever (Fever Series, Book 1)And guess what... The first book is free on Kindle.  The second, which I'm already several chapters into is a meager six bucks!

Take a look and see if you like it.

I did and got some use of my cilia to boot!

Happy Paranormal Travels Friends!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Unfortunately, a rash of storms broke out in Metropolitan Detroit and the small suburban cities that my sister and I reside were converged upon with strong winds and flooding throughout the area.  It left my sister's power out.  On the up side, I got to have a slumber party with my little sister - don't tell her I called her 'little'.
Anyway, I introduced her to some paranormal t.v. last night, watching a rerun of the last episode of True Blood. 
As I explained some of the differences between the television and the book series, we stumbled upon Jason Stackhouse.  His television character, as I'm sure you guys are aware, is a big slice of hotness!  Liking that.  But, then I told her about his character and at present, in the books anyway, he is a werepanther....  She burst into laughter. 

While I am fully aware that she doesn't exactly share my love of all things paranormal (except demons - they're a little creepy), I didn't exactly expect her to burst her sides laughing.  After all, we were watching that hot piece of panther on the tube.  I queried.... What exactly is so freaking funny?  Didn't this heifer ask me if there were any werecougars??? WTH?  I almost spit out my drink!  Can you imagine? A werecougar!? And who exactly would be the prey? All the other younger weres? Can you imagine a series of that magnitude? For cheese and crackers!

A hot ass mess!

Thanks little sister for feeding me the fuel for a series of werecougar romance. The heroine would need to be at least 62 with a yummy 31 year old lumberjack to hunt!
I'm off to write what I can only inagine will be best seller quality chick lit!  Have a great weekend folks!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Switch a' Roo and a Contest Too!

Of course I'm referring to Eric in my title for today's blog!  I totally thought that Sookie was dreaming of Eric! I mean, I knew it.  I love it!
If you follow the series (book), you know why... This is getting good!
Well, let's dish.  My friends, I'm a bit conflicted on Bill not rescuing Sookie.  He must be a secret agent for the Council.  That is another 8 episodes down the road I think.  We'll see... won't we!
How about my fav, Lafayette!  He is awesomer in 3D.  (Awesomer is a word - just ask my teenager!)  Eric sure saved his booty!
And of course, Sookie and Alcide... in my mind, he wasn't nearly as young as his t.v. version, but they've done okay.  Sookie looks like she wouldn't be opposed to being his friend with benefits... Shoot, me either!

Here's the recap:

Also, for you aspiring writers out there - the Knight Agency has an awesome Twitter contest.  Just Tweet the reason that you Love Paranormal and your could win either a 1st Chapter Review or for you readers, 25 books for your library! It doesn't get any better than that.  Hurry! The contest ends on 7/15/10 at 3 pm EST.
Follow the link below or follow me on Twitter (alizamannauthor) for more information.

Alright, that's it for today!

Til next time - hang tough bangers!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Today, Yesterday, and the Day Before

I hardly know where to begin with today's blog.  In the time since we've last spoken, I've indulged myself in a literal smorgasbord of the paranormal.

First, let's talk about Charliane Harris' latest installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series - Dead in the Family.  In this diatribe, we find a kinder gentler Eric who is fully aware of the blood bond between he and Sookie.  Carefully cultivated over the years, it is at the peak of heighented awareness between the lusty pair.  I utterly loved their relationship here.  While the moments between their interludes felt at times fleeting, I could see the anger, love, and intrigue between the two.  That's what I liked.  What I didn't like was the lack of Bill, the inability for Sookie to connect with her need to find out what she is capable of - a part faerie, she may be extremely powerful.  That part of her character has never been developed.  Leave me wanting her to grow up a bit more.  Also, the wolves (weres) seem so utterly subjective to their flawed emotions.  OK, so I know they've always been portrayed that way, but wouldn't it be nice to break the mold a little...

Then, I've watched the teen saga - Twilight Eclipse.  Bella seems almost two steps closer to accepting herself as completely helpless...  She did take a step towards ownership of some level of passion.  I felt better about that... I could appreciate the newborns, which I thought was an ode to the bygone days of vampirism.  I enjoyed the wolves - again, they are but slaves to their emotions....
Was it a good movie? OK, it was better than the last.  I left feeling a little frustrated.  I'm sure Bella felt the same.

Tonight, TrueBlood returns after a holiday hiatus.  I'm good with that.  It took me the whole of the weekend to fit all that parapleasure in, but it was worth it.  What a wonderful way to couch potato.

I decided to take a look back at a season highlight in parting... I'll be back tomorrow with loads of dish from tonight's episode!  Take care Supes!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm So Freakin' Late with the Dish on True Blood

Hey guys!

I'm know, it's Thursday and almost time for the next show to come on - but I was having horrible technical difficulties.  Such as my beau taking my lap top instead of his own out of town with him and I'm blocked at my day job from my own blog site... I could just spit sometimes.

Well, no sense in wastin' time, let's just dig right into it.

The most recent episode (27) had some pretty good stuff... I mean, it was alright.  Our fair Sookie continues her quest to find Mr. Compton even if it means she has to trek into a were-bar in search of her man.  He must be pretty dog gone good at whatever it is he does to her (snarky giggle) for her to venture off into Mississippi to find him in the face of all sorts of unruliness.  Sure, I know we've seen exactly what he does, but there ain't no way to tell how it feels...
My buddy Lafayette received a helluva gift - if you look really close, you can see the door lock light up if the keys are in the ignition!  I love that car. Umph!
Tara got some of that goodgood from the newest stranger.  He is a little weird looking... she can never get it quite right.
And the headless dead body of what I thought (yes, I've admitted that I was wrong to myself for those past posts stating that he would be a Vampire) was Jessica's very own Newbie-Vamp was beheaded by the new Vamp in town - yep, the one that was banging Tara.  If I may ask a question... why the hell is it that everybody Tara sleeps with ends up being some type of sociopath...  Just an observation.

Here's the recap clip:

But guys... stage direction: move in closer to the screen becuase I'm going to whisper.
It looks like next week is more interesting than the past... It looks like the show will illustrate a bit of Bill's dark side - just like in the books.  I would love to see the Sookie character draw a closer similarity... just pipe dreamin'.

Here's the preview for July 11... I know, there's a break for the holiday. I was bummed too:

Alright now, don't go away all down in the mouth.  Charlaine Harris happens to have a new Sookie novel out - been out for a couple of months now - and it's a sight better than the last one.  Take a gander in your idle time... ok, so probably Sunday during the time slot for our show!

I'm thinking it's not available for Kindle - which by the way, is in a huge price war with the B&N Nook.  The 6" monitor is $189 and the newest version of the Kindle DX experienced a sharp price drop as well - it has a HUGE screen and is just under $400... probably to compete with the iPad.

Well fangers, I'll talk to you guys later!

Have a Tremendous holiday!


Monday, June 21, 2010

TrueBlood Much Better

There was some yummylicious goodness going on in Episode II of True Blood!  Much better than episode one (see previous sentence Mr. Ball - series writer)!  So, I was right, I think about Jessica making a vampire. Yay! I love being right.

Let's see how close I get this week!
  • I don't believe that Bill's maker, Lorraina is dead from her bout with the lantern -  and just why the hell couldn't she use her super Vampire speed to get outta the way??  Moving on...
  • Jessica is going to have to deal with her youngling as he will be an absolute rouge.
  • Eric and the Were aren't going to fight... just yet.  I think they'll save that battle for later.
  • Jason is going to be hired by the Police for his sheer ferocity and stimina (personally, I'd like to see a little bit more of that), and finally...
  • Tara is gonna give up those cookies to that new vampire, with his sexy ahhh-aw!
I'm probably about 50% incorrect on all that, and the last bullet is totally a given.  The season is definitely getting better.  In all honesty, I was afraid for the ratings last week.

Anyway, I'm off to write my new novel.  I know the first one isn't published yet, but it's never to soon to start.

I'll kick it with y'all later.

Peace out!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh Bella *The Real One* Forgive Us!

I effin hate Twilight!  It's a perfectly good waste of some young Vampires.  And exactly when is our 45 year old Bella going to lose that lock and key!? Drives me crazy.  I didn't read all of the books becuase their protagonist is sooo very weak.  I will post it here for those that don't hate this series.
And good news for you Twilighters, there a new Vamp! She's young and tormented, just like we like them, right?

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Theory! Bad Moon Rising on True Blood

I had a real good time last night guys.  My show came back.  Love it! Eric is still hawt! Bill is showing a bit of his bad side, and Sookie is as big of a doe as ever.  But that Queen, I don't know what to do with her.

So, here are a few of my ramblings about what could, maybe, be coming up on the show:
1. I think our Youngling Jessica has just created a vampire... on accident.  Wow! She can't be trusted a minute. 
2.  Eric is going to turn coat on that Queen the minute he gets the chance. I can just see him rushing to Sookie's rescue from any one of the precarious situations that she'll find herself in this season.
3. Lafayette will, I repeat, will find himself jammed up in the Vampire web.
4. The wolves will be sexy!

That's it for now.  We'll see if my powers are up to snuff.

Stay tuned fans!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Last of the Minis

So, we've all been on pins and needles waiting for the next season of True Blood to come out, wondering whether it will follow the HBO vision or the third book of the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I for one can't wait to find out.  I'm interested in whether or not Bill will be as contrary to his original image as he was in the book.
Umph! Good stuff.
And to tide us over for the next 6 days, HBO has released the next and final minisode with that sexy Jason - he is so cute and dumb - with a special visitor waiting in the wings.

I'm going to try and get my hot hands on some footage from the upcoming season, but as far as I can tell - HBO is being as tight as a virgin on her wedding night.

Stay tuned folks, because maybe I can work a miracle.

Slighty Outside the Normal

Happy Sunday Followers!

Anyway, I wanted to post this here as this new publisher, Carina Press, a division of Harlequin, Ltd. is set to be fully operational on 6/7/10.  The reason that it is considered outside the normal is that it is one of the only ebook publishers that will not, I repeat, will NOT follow DRM.  That's right, it's a big step into the past.

I personally was impressed with it as a reader, but as an author, considering I've submitted my latest story, Small Town Wicca to them, I'm very, very afraid.

Either way, old school or not, this is an excited way of giving voice to many new and existing authors.

For the Love of the Art

In one of my weekly prequisitions for the Paranormal, I came across several intersting videos, articles and new books and movies.  As some of you know, I am an enterprizing new author of paranormal and romance novels.  While my next novel (the first is with the publisher) will be soley romance, my first love of course is the paranormal.

I digress, I came across a video from Rocketboom that explores some creatures, either real or photoshopped, that peaked my interests.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

Cree-Pee, right?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh Bill!

I'm sorry, my blogging has been limited since I've been submerged in senior activities... all except True Blood that is!
Take a look at the latest minisode from HBO.

Next time, I promise, something other than my Vampire obsession!
Till next time!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blood Drought

As you can probably tell, I've been in a bit of a pickle since my fav series is on seasonal hiatus. Fortunately, the folks at HBO felt my pain and released a set of shorts, or Minisodes - A Drop of True Blood -  to accomodate the recent plasma drought!

They're cute, fun and about as satisfying as looking at Hugh Jackson frolic in the ocean with surfer shorts and no shirt!  Love them. 

On Sunday, after catching a rerun of the fangbangers and sexy vamps, take a gander before switching over to the evening news! Or you can catch them on the site:

Of course, you could just watch the latest with me...

Enjoy Bangers!
New Season Starts June 13th.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So... What Season is it?

Obviously, 2010 is the year of delayed gratification... I've been patient enough... We have no new Vampire shows on t.v., all of the paranormal shows are taken off the air, or in reruns... my book club hasn't made a new delivery in what feels like an eternity... and to top it all off.. I've been waiting to see Nic Cage in Season of the Witch since Halloween of last year!
How much does that suck?? Instead, I'm doomed to watch and re-watch the trailer in anticipation.
This movie appears to have all the great graphics and special effects to make a decent name for itself, so why is Lionsgate screwing with us? Oh, I don't know... fear of competition from Diary of a Wimpy Kid that just happened to be scheduled for release on March 19th along with the Season??  Who knows. 
What I do know is I would love for the HollyHeads to pull themselves together and give us some more of what we need.  In case you haven't heard, seen, or otherwise been notified about this movie, here's the trailer.
Get Your Witch On!

Hot for a Fixer!

Good Evening Vampire Followers!

I am so into anything paranormal, but as I've said before, I really LOVE vampire!! Love em' in the night and even in the morning.  So, being that I have a slight addiction to Facebook, I found a site, became a fan and have been waiting with bated breath to see an update for a gothic novel that is apparently being considered  for production. It looks really cool!
As a small hope that they do somethin' with this thing, I'm posting it here... Take a look, become a fan on FB, becuase I think we could all use another Vampire Hero!

Sorry, the Site Creator doesn't allow embedding - you will leave my site.  But hey, at least it's trusted!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Night Rewind - Wolf Starring Jack Nicholson

Hi there Paranorms!

Since we've discussed some of my favorite movies over the past couple of days, how about some of the very worst?
I guess back in 1994, the special effects were lacking, but I have to give old Jack a giant thumbs up for giving it the old Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny try! Not sure if you ever watched this one, but as you can see from the clip, it was something... indeed!
If your Monday was anything like mine, this is just the comic relief that you need! And Michelle Pfeiffer happens to be in this one as well.  It's no Witches of Eastwick, but alas that was a hard act to follow.
Enjoy and have a great Monday night!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday - Day of the Sabbath & Night of the Vamps

Good day all! 

One of my favorite days of the week is Sunday.  I like to get up early and catch a morning church service, eat breakfast with the family (during which time we usually argue about something - like my teenaged daughter's love of spending money or my delightful boyfriend's inability to admit when he's wrong) and finally, for the better part of the afternoon - watching or reading something dealing with Vampires.  I luuuurrrrvvvvvvvvv all things Vampire -

I started with Bela Lugosi as a small child on Saturday afternoon movies... wouldn't go outside to play with my friends until I was done watching.

One of the classics... Let's take a moment to pay homage to the late great Bela.  He's wasn't beautiful - like one of the Lost Boys - but he definately was my first Vampire love! Smooches to a great Old Timer!

Somewhere in the most recent decade, however, my indulgances moved to Sunday's ... I watch the Vampire Diaries online, and True Blood at night.  And yes, I am completely aware that Vampire Diaries is available for viewing by the general public each Thursday evening courtesy of the CW, but I take great pride in marching to the beat of my own drum.

Actually, I even watch some old DVDs of Buffy.  Another classic, nothing like a good slayer to get the blood going.

I'm wondering if there are many other folks out there that have a designated day to indulge in a few of their favorite things... There has to be right?

Anyway, here's what I'm watching right now... The Dark Side of the Moon episode (original aire date 4/1/10). It's a pretty good one, and it fits my Sunday theme since two characters (Sam and Dean) are shot and sent to Heaven.  My rating scale... 4 outta 5 stars.  Novels turned television series will never get the full stars from me, since they never rate as good as the images that I conjure up in my mind while reading.

I can't think of a better way to spend my Sunday's.  And if you, like me, prefer, the Vampire Diaries has novels, ass kicking good novels, to feed your need.

Until next time, hold the garlic and spend a great night with your local Vampire!

Take Bloody Care!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Is Bella Still...

I know, I know... Yes! Bella is still a virgin! And yes, it is a waste of a perfectly good vampire on dry humping, but... It's still entertaining for the romantic at heart... hmmm, call me sappy if you will.

Take a look at the latest trailer for Twilight Eclipse. (and, yes I am going to see it:-)

Let Me Introduce Myself...

Van Helsing (Full Screen Edition)Hello There!

I am absolutely stoked about this newest blog.  I've been an enthusiastic reader; writer; and watcher of all things paranormal from VanHelsing to Twilight to True Blood (Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charliane Harris) to The Mummy... ok, so The Mummy is a stretch, but it does fit the bill.
I should clarify, I HATE horror movies... I don't like the blood, guts, and gore that is typically associated with them.  I don't really know why, but there are lots of folks that simply can't understand that concept.  Well, let me explain myself - I'm a hopeless romantic, and I love seeing that hopelessness in my literary figures - i.e. a slayer in love with a vampire, a man trapped in a new form (werewolf, vamp...) that prevents the romance of a lifetime, et cetera, et cetera.

I am truly in love with being in love, and the very minute that I find a paranormal critter to share my life with, I'm kicking my almost perfect, albeit human, boyfriend to the curb.

I figured, what better way to spend my time that writing about my love of all things paranormal??

Since I'm here, let me show you a few of my fave's...

1. The Entity - The movie was responsible for the first minor quake in my nether regions! A sexy, creepy to some, allegedly non fiction story of girl meets incubus.

2. Dracula - effin Bram Stoker's Dracula - Woooweee! My relationship to the young, freaking HOT Count was somewhat unnatural... I think I'll watch that one later tonight!

3. Blade - Now I've never, ever, thought anything of Wesley Snipes, but from some reason, that polyurethane trench coat with a big ass blade hanging out either end had my forefinger in my mouth.

4. The Mummy III - Call it what you like, and barring the love interest change in the middle of a trilogy, I think that when you combine a relatively sexy Brendan Fraser - if you go for the dumb an' beefy type - and that Jet Li (again, the young hawt version), you can color me happy!

5. True Blood and/or Sookie Stackhouse Series: Love, love, love this.  Eric is my man!! Woo! By the way, the new season will be here in just a couple short months on HBO. But, do me a favor and read the series.  We writers will become starving artists for sure if everyone forsakes the literary for the quick fix that tv and the big screen offer... Pretty please!

Those five movies, book series, and television shows, while they may be somewhat mainstream, are gloriously sexy and well thought out.

Makes my heart flutter at the very thought.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog on Paranormal Playground and that you will visit us again.

Be sure to take a gander in one venue or another when you get a chance.

Till next time, guard your neck, wear some silver, and please stay away from graveyards!