Monday, June 27, 2011

Bad Moon, Hot Eric!

Last night, I spent some time with some old friends, in Bon Temps, Louisiana. I learned some things, met some new people, and was surprised that I’m still pissed off about the first 10 minutes. As I previously moaned, the World of Faerie was not a pleasant experience. It was not believable in the least! I didn’t like the fiery faerie-balls and aside from Mab’s morphing powers, it was quite contrived. The faerie world should probably not be closed off so soon, but at least it was a relatively close approximation of a great divide.

Deer in Headlights...
 With that unpleasant piece of business out of the way, on to the real reason we’re here. We find Sookie, a year later in the graveyard where she started, but this time, she endures the loss of her grandfather who feathers away, like smoke in the wind. I don’t think this girl is capable of showing any signs of grief other than a few random tears. AB, you probably need to work on that… you know, to help us feel the pain.

Speaking of painful, Tara, I mean Tony… no, that’s just Tara, kissed a girl, and I think she liked it. I find her just as angry and mixed up as she’s always been in the television version, only this time living in New Orleans. Is that domestic violence, considering she beat her girlfriend to smithereens in a cage fight? Did Charlaine Harris intend for her to be an AFC contender? Confused there… but, at least she seems marginally happy in her own alternate universe, hiding out from reality.

Lafayette, Jesus, and the witches are a real trip. The coven, or covenicity of it all was almost scary to watch. The chanting was a little freaky, but I was taken with the bird resurrection. And, I like Jesus and Lafayette in a relationship. He seems to balance our boy, Mr. Gumbo way the hell out. He probably needed it.

Jessica ain’t gonna make it as June Cleaver. She may not even be able to cut the mustard as theangry mother from the George Lopez show. She makes a mess of the kitchen and almost the same to a fang banger that make a b-line for her in Fangtasia. She looked at him like Sylvester looks at Tweety… Poor Hoyt. I see heartbreak in his future.

Pam wore two fierce, with a capital FEAR to the C-E, outfits. I would love to spend a day in her closet. Jeez. I would guess being right hand to the baddest vamp in town would cause you to step your game up. Sorry, that had no real relevance to the happenings on the show, but man do I need a new leather dress!

The state of the vampires on the other hand is totally upside down. Eric is just as yummy as we would expect. He, as a tax paying citizen of Bon Temps, is fantastic in his public service announcement. I’d vote for him! Since Sookie has been gone, he’s purchased her house, and she now has no power to bar him from entry, as she found out after getting out of a shower that was several months overdue. He advises her that she is his… she looks confused and perplexed. I don’t think he would get any fight from me, but I guess she has to be cautious considering she is fresh off her breakup with Bill.

In the shifter world – Jason’s on ice, after taking on the responsibilities for the rogues of Hot Shot in Crystal’s absence, wherever the hell she is. They put my dear, sweet Jason into the freezer. I wanted to hit them with a shovel! Since we can safely assume that he doesn’t die, since the books have him still alive and we have our trusty previews to show him in future episodes, I know that he’ll be okay, but I just don’t like it. Sam seems to be in some sort of shifter-anger-management. Glad to see that he’s not a dog again.

There’s a new King in town… and he’s who? It’s Bill! What a surprise… not! I guess AB does have some wood for Bill, considering he made him the head of the whole roust. And it would seem that he made Portia a lot hotter than in the books.

The roundup of secondary characters – Rene and Arlene’s baby promises to be a real loon. Those poor Barbie dolls didn’t stand a chance. And, Andy Bellefleur is a hopped up V-head. I guess the only real difference from last season being that he’s on V, because he’s always be a bit OCD about his job.

At this point, I can say that we should probably toss the books into the wind because some of this is totally off mark, for instance, the ugly faeries. They weren’t anything like the book. I like a lot of the things that HBO has done. The play up on some of the secondary characters is interesting to watch. There are some things that he retained, which was good, but he is going in a totally different direction than we would have assumed. The question is, do we like it that way, or not? What do you think?

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