Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tasks Thursday

Hi Folks!

I woke this morning with the full intention to get some writing done, specifically the blog, early in the day after work.  Unfortunately, today was filled with obstacles and one mundane task after another.  I typically try to have as little work to complete by this late day of the week, but not this time.  I was bombarded with one item/issue/catastrophe/error/problem/concern after another. Yuck. 
With that being the case, I came in and did what any writer would do on a hectic day.... I took a full fledged nap. And I feel great, inspired, refreshed, alive. Now I can write.

True Blood Episode 29: Trouble

OK! Tara has been, for the second season in a row, turned into an absolute shrieking violet.  I am so mad that her strong willed character continues to find herself in one desperate situation after another.  And I so want to like her, but right now, I'm hoping that she actually becomes a vampire bride.  Bad, I know. Well, perhaps Were Bride since she was chased down and Debo'd by Cooter last week.
Sookie is also a little less than herself - or at least her character's full potential - as well.  The very best scene was her brush with Fae power in Alcide's living room against the vampires.  And I'm having a hard time believing in Bill, but since his trust is questionable in the book series as well, I won't - can't - complain about it.
Eric... well, he's just as sexy as ever! Nuff said.
Jason has another conquest.  She's different... I'm afraid to say what I think he'll be afflicted with, as Alan Ball, the television show screenwriter, is a tricky dude.  Let's just say, I think he'll turn out even hotter and sexier (er) than before.
In my best sing-song voice: Lafayette got a boyfriend!
That little fellow is welcome in my sandbox anytime.
Here's a quick recap to tickle your fancy.  I can't spend a whole lot of time here, as I'm reviewing The Fever Series, one book one week at a time... from the very beginning.  Take a look down there.... right after the clip!

The Fever Series - Darkfever
Author: Karen Marie Moning

I must confess. On a desperate attempt to explore new things (I stopped smoking a month ago and rumor has it, upon return of your cilia, one becomes more affected by stimuli - specifically romance and such), I tried Faeries.  We all know how sexy they are.  I usually don't, but my new, smoke free body said "C'mon... you know you want it..." And I did.  Boy, did I ever. But let me tell you about the first book.

Darkfever introduces us to our heroine - Mackayla Lane.  This girl is just about as sweet as Georgia peaches and Southern Belles can be, right down to her unadulterated love of all things pink.  Cute as a button, and simply beautiful.  She is absolutely the kind of woman that you see walking down the street and want to stone to death.  She's even twenty-two.  I'm thinking at the start, please... for the love of Monty Hall, please cut me some slack with the adult version of the Sweet Valley High 'Good' twin.  Against my better judgment, I push beyond page three. After all, she is a barmaid.  There has to be some bad ass in there.
Sooo glad that I did!
This is one of the rockin' and rollinest chick heroines that I've ever encountered.  Upon learning of her sister's death in Dublin, Ireland, she hops her happy ass - against her parent's wishes - on the first plane smoking.  Immediately, just about, she begins seeing things that are simply fascinating and terrifying. Namely the Fae in their 'Unseelie' form, despite their glamour spells on their innocent victims and the rest of humanity.  I'm thinking - freak yea - I don't have to wait to get into the good stuff.
In her quest to find her sister's killer, she finds her entire world was merely a pampered facade of real life, which turns out to be literally brimming with mystical creatures and fanciful weapons, and Death-by-Sex faerie.
Not to mention, her reluctant savior in Barrons.  He is one of the most unscrupulous men that I've encountered in a book in a very long time... I would definitely run off with him into the Casbah!  Yum-My!
I am so glad that I tried this book.  I heard some folks on Twitter asking about reviews of older books, well, here you go! One hot little oldie but goody!

It is the very best series I've started in a great while. Overall score 8.5/10 stars!

Darkfever (Fever Series, Book 1)And guess what... The first book is free on Kindle.  The second, which I'm already several chapters into is a meager six bucks!

Take a look and see if you like it.

I did and got some use of my cilia to boot!

Happy Paranormal Travels Friends!

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