Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm So Freakin' Late with the Dish on True Blood

Hey guys!

I'm know, it's Thursday and almost time for the next show to come on - but I was having horrible technical difficulties.  Such as my beau taking my lap top instead of his own out of town with him and I'm blocked at my day job from my own blog site... I could just spit sometimes.

Well, no sense in wastin' time, let's just dig right into it.

The most recent episode (27) had some pretty good stuff... I mean, it was alright.  Our fair Sookie continues her quest to find Mr. Compton even if it means she has to trek into a were-bar in search of her man.  He must be pretty dog gone good at whatever it is he does to her (snarky giggle) for her to venture off into Mississippi to find him in the face of all sorts of unruliness.  Sure, I know we've seen exactly what he does, but there ain't no way to tell how it feels...
My buddy Lafayette received a helluva gift - if you look really close, you can see the door lock light up if the keys are in the ignition!  I love that car. Umph!
Tara got some of that goodgood from the newest stranger.  He is a little weird looking... she can never get it quite right.
And the headless dead body of what I thought (yes, I've admitted that I was wrong to myself for those past posts stating that he would be a Vampire) was Jessica's very own Newbie-Vamp was beheaded by the new Vamp in town - yep, the one that was banging Tara.  If I may ask a question... why the hell is it that everybody Tara sleeps with ends up being some type of sociopath...  Just an observation.

Here's the recap clip:

But guys... stage direction: move in closer to the screen becuase I'm going to whisper.
It looks like next week is more interesting than the past... It looks like the show will illustrate a bit of Bill's dark side - just like in the books.  I would love to see the Sookie character draw a closer similarity... just pipe dreamin'.

Here's the preview for July 11... I know, there's a break for the holiday. I was bummed too:

Alright now, don't go away all down in the mouth.  Charlaine Harris happens to have a new Sookie novel out - been out for a couple of months now - and it's a sight better than the last one.  Take a gander in your idle time... ok, so probably Sunday during the time slot for our show!

I'm thinking it's not available for Kindle - which by the way, is in a huge price war with the B&N Nook.  The 6" monitor is $189 and the newest version of the Kindle DX experienced a sharp price drop as well - it has a HUGE screen and is just under $400... probably to compete with the iPad.

Well fangers, I'll talk to you guys later!

Have a Tremendous holiday!


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