Saturday, July 17, 2010


Unfortunately, a rash of storms broke out in Metropolitan Detroit and the small suburban cities that my sister and I reside were converged upon with strong winds and flooding throughout the area.  It left my sister's power out.  On the up side, I got to have a slumber party with my little sister - don't tell her I called her 'little'.
Anyway, I introduced her to some paranormal t.v. last night, watching a rerun of the last episode of True Blood. 
As I explained some of the differences between the television and the book series, we stumbled upon Jason Stackhouse.  His television character, as I'm sure you guys are aware, is a big slice of hotness!  Liking that.  But, then I told her about his character and at present, in the books anyway, he is a werepanther....  She burst into laughter. 

While I am fully aware that she doesn't exactly share my love of all things paranormal (except demons - they're a little creepy), I didn't exactly expect her to burst her sides laughing.  After all, we were watching that hot piece of panther on the tube.  I queried.... What exactly is so freaking funny?  Didn't this heifer ask me if there were any werecougars??? WTH?  I almost spit out my drink!  Can you imagine? A werecougar!? And who exactly would be the prey? All the other younger weres? Can you imagine a series of that magnitude? For cheese and crackers!

A hot ass mess!

Thanks little sister for feeding me the fuel for a series of werecougar romance. The heroine would need to be at least 62 with a yummy 31 year old lumberjack to hunt!
I'm off to write what I can only inagine will be best seller quality chick lit!  Have a great weekend folks!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great slumber party. Love the pics. GRIN